Women, secure your future: take control of your finances

March 8, 2023

At #WomensDay, Beatriz Duran, VP of Business Development at Syncfy, joined Andrea de la Garza, co-founder of Pilou, in a new session of #WomenInFinance with the topic “Secure your future: Take control of your finances”.

In this conversation, they shared very valuable information about: 

🙂 The importance of taking perspective to reconnect with our power and a clear plan to guide our lives and finances.

🤗 How, in addition to having the best plan, it is essential to take action. 

🤑 The result of daily habits = compound interest.

👩‍💻 The importance of technological advances and tools to free us and focus on creating wealth.

🙋‍♀️ The importance of security and economic independence

🤦‍♀️ Less than 1% of women in Mexico have an investment account

👀 How to divide my assets in order to invest

🤯 Digital savings and investment platforms made by women, designed for women

We want to congratulate our incredible collaborators at Syncfy without whom it would not be possible to give value to our customers!

Thank you Brenda, Paulina, Yael, Eleny, Jessica, Sabrina, Monique, Maribel, Nelly, Alejandra, Maria Jose, Xochitl.