Remembering Syncfy’s participation in FINNOSUMMIT Connect

March 28, 2023

A few weeks ago, FINNOSUMMIT Connect 2023 was held, and where the Fintech industry met, and Syncfy had an outstanding participation.

In this video from “The Voice of the Community”, Finnovista asks the leaders of the companies about the role of #OpenFinance within the financial landscape in Latin America, to which they answered:

Shantidevi Galvan, Citi, spoke about the potential of alternative data for financial institutions to better know their customers and offer them the best financial products when they need them most.

Pablo Cuaron from Mastercard highlighted the potential of Open Finance to serve half of the population of LATAM, which does not yet have quality financial services, providing data that already exists to feed new business models with personalized offers.

Andres Alban from Puntored commented on how regulatory changes in Brazil, Peru, Colombia, and soon Mexico will open up an interesting dynamic to drive the payment initiation market in the region.

Gerardo Treviño, CEO of Syncfy, stated that in addition to access to data, there is a trend that is generating a lot of demand: Data Enrichment, which involves analyzing financial information together with tax information so that companies can make better decisions by taking advantage of the power of algorithms and technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Alejandro Servin, BBVA, emphasized the changes to the #OpenBanking regulation, which in the near future will bring great benefits to companies and users of financial services.

You can watch the video here. Please, let us know what you think.

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